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Pixpic Color by Number

Choose from hundreds of cool pictures to fill all the numbers in, relax & let go of worry! Colorful, creative, tons of Pixelart FUN!

Set yourself free from stress & daily routine! Enjoy modern digital art, clear your mind and get in touch with your inner artist!

  • Anti-stress, anti-boredom, anti-anxiety! Super easy time passer!
  • Get your creative juices pour & flow with colorful palette
  • 300+ themed pixelart pics: animals, food, flowers, patterns and many more
  • Perfect stress-reliever! Relax from a hard day & get lost in the process!
  • Super simple & fun for your littles! Kids will love to color & play!
  • Exciting family entertainment! Enjoy with the whole family!
  • Share your creations with friends, family & the world!
tmm - Chat Fiction Stories

Each ‘tmm’ story is short & chat-style, as if you’re secretly reading someone’s text message conversations!

YOU move the story forward by simply tapping to reveal the next part! The most mind-blowing twists & turns! We bet you will keep saying ‘TELL ME MORE’!

Feed your curiosity, snoop on private chats and take a peek at secret stuff!

The very BEST & addictive collection of short ‘just-one-more-message’ stories with big hooks! Intense, Shocking, Addictive, Heart-Pumping, just everything & all at once! Get excited about reading, again!

aipic - Magic Photo Editor

Create stunning one-of-a-kind social media pics in seconds!

Just pick or take a photo, choose the necessary format, add your own touch with fabulous filters, artistic styles & effects, and share it with everyone out there! Impress your friends and followers!

  • Quick and easy edits. Post your pics anytime anywhere!
  • Resize photos right in the app! Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest… Fit them perfectly everywhere!
  • Turn a plain pic into a painting with an original set of artistic effects! Feel free to experiment! YOU are the artist!
  • Set the right atmosphere with a range of gorgeous filters for any taste and mood!
  • A pack of handy adjustment tools – correct slight imperfections with Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, Sharpness, etc.
  • Make outstanding low-poly artworks from your portraits. Your post won’t go unnoticed!
  • In-app gallery of your works – add, delete, share, and make changes anytime!
Wordy - Word Search Adventure

All-time favorite Word Search puzzle game, the No.1 app for your mind! Simple, yet with a fun, new twist ON!

Spot all the hidden words from a jumbled set of letters! Solve the easy levels, unlock the tricky ones with special words and collect the bonus points! Boost your brain power all while travelling miles & miles around the little-big world, through all the cities!

  • A perfect time killer game!
  • It's easy, colorful, and fun!
  • 500+ puzzles, from easy to tough brain teasers!
  • Discover all the words! The letters are jumbled up.
  • Can’t figure out the scrambled word? Use hints.
  • Great for a quick brain warm-up or a full brain workout.
  • Tons of exciting game levels and special modes.
  • For all ages! Easy enough for everyone to join the fun, challenging enough to sharpen any wits.
Build by Number - PixBuilder

Ever dreamt of being an archaeological hero? Build by numbers to create your own largest collection of pixel artworks!

Dig out pixelized relics, reveal all the hidden secrets on the maps! The sandy animation makes you feel like you are actually digging the ground. Enjoy the fun wild adventures! Dinoland, Pharaohs of Egypt, Greek Antiquity, Chinese Empire – travel back in time across different epochs & countries!

  • Build pixel treasures by numbers, immerse into a hunting adventure!
  • 100+ awesome pics from different ages waiting to be found.
  • Easy-to-play, fun and entertaining for everyone.
  • Go through all the map locations & levels to collect all artifacts.
  • Dinos, ancient empires, prehistoric people, and so much more.
  • Try your luck at choosing the right spot for a hunt.
  • Dig deep, find the buried treasures, earn coins.
  • Cool power ups, equip stuff, goodies, tools.
  • Manage your resources while on your treasure quest.
Sticker Maker - BeSticky

Can’t find a sticker that fits what you feel? Why not make one and message it? Create your own stickers and memes for WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Telegram.

Just choose a pic from your gallery or take one, crop the area you want, apply a template, and send it instantly! Surprise your friends and make chatting more hilarious!

  • Love to chat? Be trendy! Use personal stickers!
  • Smart and easy tool for custom sticker making.
  • Craft original stickers from your or your friends’ photos.
  • Make your version of a popular emoji or create a whole new reaction.
  • Creative templates for each and every occasion — greetings, mood, sports, work and more.
Dizzi - Video Maker

Dizzi is not just a camera app, it’s a powerful all-in-one video story maker. Go dizzily creative with a variety of pro camera modes!

Set the right mood with eye-catching effects, vibrant filters, and funky tunes! Shoot your truly unforgettable stories and share them instantly with the world!

Capture all of your day-to-day fun and craziness!

No rules! No limits! Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment!

  • Tons of trendy, mind-blowing effects and modes. 100% awesomeness. Quickly and easily.
  • Add a thrill to any video with a variety of original, out-of-the-box effects.
  • Liven up the setting and create the right mood with colorful filters and overlays!
  • Share your stories to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Likee right from the app!
  • Record the sounds around you, comment on what you’re shooting, add a tune, or mix them all!
  • Freshen your look before a shoot with just one tap.
  • Shoot like a pro with the advanced camera settings.
  • Use Siri Shortcuts to start shooting a new story instantly.
  • Need to stop a video but want to add something to it later? Film the next part and combine the clips into one cool video!
PolyColor - Color by Polygon

Get ready for Unique Polygon △ R T experience! This is a hot NEW coloring trend you just can’t get behind!

Think you really can’t create those out-of-this-world pictures? Think again! No special set of skills needed! Choose a pic, get in touch with your inner artist and color it your way with an awesome set of palettes & oh-so-cool color combos! From bright, energetic, fun, to dark & dramatic! Give it a fancy, futuristic or just true-to-you color vibe!

  • Polygon art! New-gen mega awesome way of coloring!
  • Make-your-jaw-drop Low-Poly images!
  • Power of perfect color match! Edgy palette for any & all pictures!
  • Huge collection of angular-pattern pics! Regular updates coming up!
  • Use Polygon Camera to snap an awesome pic and transform it into polygon art!
  • Super-duper-easy stress buster! Not stressed? Just let your creative beast out!
  • Fun for the whole family! For both adults & kids!
  • Record the creation process with timelapse vids!
  • Simple, clean, minimalist look & feel!
Hexty - Sweet Word Search

Love word search and sweet treats? We have something to match both passions!

Enter the world of bees, hives, and honey! The cute bear needs your help to get his tasty treats. Search honeycombs for words, connect letters together, drop in every day to get yummy honey rewards. Train your brain, test your vocabulary, and have the sweetest fun!

  • The bear & honey word search. Simple and fun for everyone.
  • Hundreds of words to be found.
  • Get the bees out of the hive to get daily rewards.
  • Cartoon cute, colorful, funny.
  • Chance your luck spinning slots.
  • Complete levels to get bees and honey.

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